• Jobs

    At Celect, ambition is a cornerstone to success—but we also like to kick back and hang loose to lighten the mood. Our team is young, driven, creative and invested in the future of our company. If you’re looking to grow with a young tech company, Celect may be the right place for you.


    A deep knowledge of design funnels creativity, fluidity and functionality into an exceptionally crafted art-form—and our team has that knowledge.

    Account Services

    Our clients are diverse but crucial elements of what makes our company great. “People” people are who we’re looking for.


    Our communications team helps shape the direction of our brand’s image. Knowledge of how to market in an increasingly complex digital medium is a must.


    A gentle nudge in the right direction never hurts when it comes to clients we haven’t landed yet.

    Technical/Client Support

    An environment of growth and education captures the essence of developement specialists.